Thursday, November 1, 2012

Summer Sets

These outfits were part of my ambitious plan for the KCWC.

Mr. J's outfit isn't completely homemade.  I bought his t-shirt with the idea of putting something on it but he wanted it the way it was.  His shorts I made using the flat front version of Dana's kids shorts and some Denise Schmidt fabric I picked up at my local Spotlight store for $3.00 for 1/2 a metre.

I added some simple pockets into the side seams.  What 4yr old boy doesn't love to fill his pockets with treasures?

Miss E's outfit I made using this free peasant dress tutorial.  This is the first time I have made a peasant top as they haven't done it for me in the past.  However, I really love this top and have plans to make her a few more.

Her shorts I made using a long pants pattern I had in my stash.  I obviously took off the length to create a cute denim pair of shorts that will go with almost all the tops in her wardrobe.  I love the flat front on these and of course I had to have real pockets, as she too loves to collect treasures.

It's just as cute from the back but I'm sure the curly hair helps!

The fabric for the top I also got from Spotlight for $6.00 and the shorts were made using some denim my mum gave me about 12 months ago.

Each of these complete outfits cost me just over $6.00 each when you add in the cost of elastic.  I think that's a pretty good bargain.

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