Monday, October 1, 2012

Something for a Mummy

A good friend of mine is due to have her second baby (a girl) in 3 weeks and asked me to make her a nappy wallet.  It's basically a simple version of my clutch bag without the pockets, zip and handle.

She purchased the fabric from our local Spotlight store and then I set to work. There was actually quite a bit of fabric left over so I made her a zip pouch for carrying creams etc and the cutest little pair of baby shoes from this tutorial (it even has a pattern you can download).

The inside of the nappy wallet has space for nappies to slide in one side and a wipes case on the other.  The zip pouch also fits neatly inside and it's all fastened with a bronze coloured stud.

These tiny shoes are just the cutest thing ever and they were fairly simple and quick to make.  I will be making more of these for sure.  I just need some more of my friends to have baby girls.  Or perhaps I could convince Mr. D that we should have a few more kids ;-)

Now I just need to wait the out these next 3 weeks to meet the special girl.  I can't wait to have cuddles!

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