Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC - Day 2

When I signed up for KCWC, I had grand plans of getting lots of sewing done and blogging something new each day.  Unfortunately, reality has sunk in I may have to lower my expectations a little.  Sewing during the day is nearly impossible now that Miss E has decided that a daytime sleep is not her thing anymore!

Despite my lack of time at the moment, I did make some good progress tonight.  I worked on adjusting a few of my own patterns and cutting out some pairs of shorts for Mr. J.

I have cut out another pair in a navy and white check and I'm hoping to get some time at the machine to get them together.  The weather here isn't going to be very nice tomorrow so I might move my machine to the kitchen table and encourage the kids to play whilst I sew.  Wish me luck;-)

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