Thursday, October 4, 2012

It Looked So Much Better In My Head!

I finally finished this snakes and ladders quilt I started about 12 months ago.  It has been sitting in my WIP box as I just wasn't happy with how it looked.  I finally got it out and finished it last week.  I swear it looked better in my head when I was planning it!

The bad photo doesn't help.  I think my trouble started when I was trying to use up some scraps of fabric, I really should have used quilting fabric for the squares instead of cheap cotton.  My next mistake was the colours I used for the snakes and ladders.  This is one time I should have listened to hubby and gone with bright fabric.  The 3 bright ladders stand out so much better than the others.  My final mistake was backing it with polar fleece.  I really wasn't happy with the quilt top and didn't want to waste batting on it so I just used some polar fleece on the back and it really didn't work.

Despite all the mistakes, Mr. J loves it and that's the main thing.  We've played it just about every day since I gave it to him.  It's also doubled up as a lap quilt and a dolls blanket for Miss E.  I guess it's actually been a bit of a hit!  Funny how the kids just love something I am so unhappy with.

Have you ever made anything that didn't turn out as you had planned but was loved by others anyway?

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