Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcycling Op Shop Finds

I'm back after a somewhat long absence here in blog land and I'm pretty proud of the creations in this post.

Just a few blocks from our house is a fabulous little op shop (thrift store) that often has great little treasures at very cheap prices.  A few weeks ago I went in with the idea of possibly getting some adults clothes to re-purpose or up-cycle into some clothes for the kids.  Needless to say, I was pretty happy when I came home with all these for only $1 each!

Once I got them home, I gave them a wash and the fun began.  From the black and grey dress and the black top, Miss E ended up with this outfit. 
The dress part of this set I made up myself.  I simply traced around a dress she already had and stitched it up, adding a little cap sleeve in the stripe.  I love using knit fabrics because they are so forgiving which means that even if your pattern isn't perfect, it doesn't matter.  The leggings in this outfit were also traced from a pair she already had but the bottom of these I cheated with.  Instead of doing the hem myself, I simply cut them and used the existing hem.  So simple.

Next I tackled the watermelon/coral t-shirt and came up with this.  Sorry about the picture, getting and 18month old to model isn't very easy!
I'm not overly happy with this one unfortunately.  The ruffles on the front I attempted after looking at the pictures in this.  I really should have read the whole tutorial, as my ruffles ended up way to uniform.  In the tutorial, the ruffles are done randomly and look so much better than mine.  The leggings she's wearing here are also some that I made with left over fabric from another knit dress.  More on that in another post.

Now to my favourite of all these.  A new vest for Mr. J.
I completely winged this one.  To come up with the pattern, I held baking paper up to Mr. J's front and drew a rough vest shape.  I then cut it out and made it up using an old t-shirt to check sizing before I cut into the blue ladies vest.  Once I was happy, I cut out the main body of the vest using the existing neck line on both the front and back.  I then cut the the bottom band to the size I wanted and the arm bands aswell.  I then stitched it all together.  It sounds really simple and surprisingly it was. I may just do a tutorial for this one if I can find another jumper or top I like.

Whilst I was at the op shop, I also picked up something for me.  A new pair of earrings for the bargain price of 50cents.  I love my op shop!.


  1. I love your upcycled op-shop finds! The grey stripe outfit is my favourite I think. My latest blog post has a couple of upcycled projects too actually. I've just recently discovered a little op-shop that I like to visit. I have managed to score a few lovely things that needed a new life, as well as some nice fabric to add to the stash. Will have to keep an eye out for some knit fabrics next time I am in there :)

  2. I have to agree - I love the black and grey too! And I'd definately love a tutorial for the boys vest - boys sewing projects are hard to come by!

  3. Nice work little sis, maybe I should send all my sewing projects your way, at least then they might get done whilst they would still fit my kids hehe. Trade you for some cakes hehe.