Saturday, January 28, 2012

Colour Combination of the Moment.

I have got a bit of a thing for grey and yellow at the moment and my local fabric store had lots of quilting fabrics reduced in these colours.  I just couldn't resist.  The problem came when I had to decide what to make.  I was thinking of a skirt or something similar but decided on a simple purse as I was getting a little bored with the one I have been using for a while (pictures here).  I used some of the tips from the original tutorial I followed but changed it to suit exactly what I wanted.

Here it is in all it's glory.  I love this colour combination.  I would make cushions for my couch with this but it would clash I think.

Zip pocket on the back for coins.  This was my own addition.  No point having a purse if you can't put coins in it!

Fully opened out.  Isn't this fabric divine.  Did I mention that I love it?

Inside of the purse with co-ordinating fabric for the card and money slots.

Now I'm off to fill it up!

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  1. beautiful! I have that fabric but have just been sitting there patting it afraid to ruin it!!! Love how you have used it.!!!