Saturday, December 3, 2011

Summer Bottoms.

Coming into the warmer weather, there is nothing better for a baby or toddler than wearing just a nappy and singlet (actually I'm sure they would much prefer to have nothing on at all).  Unfortunately, a nappy and singlet don't look too good when you have to go out to the shops or visit friends.  That's where nappy covers are a great little item you can whip up in next to no time.  This week I made two of these for a friend and her gorgeous new little baby boy.  I used my own pattern for these but was stumped as to where to put my label.  That was until I stumbled across this tutorial and saw her label on the back, it's the perfect place.  (This tutorial looks great too and easy to follow.)

In the end, I only gave one of the nappy covers to my friend but put it in a parcel with a bib, shoes and toy I had previously made.  She was very happy when she opened the gift and loved everything in it.  I just love it when people appreciate the effort that goes into handmade clothes and presents.  (I'll be sending the other nappy cover her way when I eventually make something to go with it.)


  1. These are so cute - do you have a tutorial coming, or a pattern you can recommend ? ;) I have two friends about to have their first baby and these would be great!

  2. There is actually a link in the post to another tutorial that looks good in the last sentence of the top paragraph. I need to change the color of my links so you can see them easier! If you can't click on it, it's from the 'made' blog. The address is it's under the tutorials tab. Looks like a really good tutorial with patterns and good clear instructions to follow. I hope that helps and I hope your friends love them. I think they are so cute.