Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Gifts

This is the first of a few posts to show the Christmas gifts I have been working on.

First is a skirt and top for my nearly 2yr old niece.  I used fabric from the Denise Schmidt range at Spotlight for this one and am very happy with how it all came together.  I'm really pleased with the appliqué on the top as I drew little pictures for hours before I settled on this one.

I also whipped up a car roll using my tutorial for a friend to send to her nephew in Ireland.  I have obviously made a couple of changes to the road since my original tutorial.  I have changed it to a simple oval shape instead of a figure 8 and added in white lines to make it look more like a road.  For those playing at home, I used a stitch width of 2 and length of about 0.5 to create the lines.

I really love sewing presents and have just a few more to finish before I am all done for Christmas.  Although Mr. J keeps going through my fabric telling me he would like a shirt in this and some shorts in that!  I think I'm going to be busy keeping up with his requests.

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  1. Gorgeous sewing. Love the car roll (and DS would too!) Susan