Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Purse.

I recently blogged about a purse I had made myself here and I mentioned that I wanted to make myself another one.  I  was able to make this one a day or so after the first one but haven't had the chance to blog it until now.  Obviously I used the same tutorial and added the zip pocket in the back again.  My only problem this time is that I can't decide if I like it now it's all together.  I think I should have used the inside pocket fabric for the outside and I may have been happier with it.  Oh well, it seems to be growing on me so I may eventually use it.

I really do like this fabric, I'm just not sure it works as a purse.

Slightly wonky on the zip.  Ooops.

Inside pockets, I think this fabric would have been better on the outside but not very practical whilst I cart two messy kids around with me.

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