Sunday, July 3, 2011

Handmade Gifts.

I've been busy with handmade gifts for the past little while and I have been quite productive.  I haven't been able to take photos of everything I have made but here are two of them.

Firstly, some more baby sets.  This time for baby boys.
Matching bib, softie and elephant in each set.
Naw, these tiny shoes just make me clucky again!

An appliqued girls t-shirt.  For this, I bought the plain t-shirt from a chain store and added the elephants which are from Melly and Me's Little Menagerie range.

I ironed the elephants on and then did a plain straight stitch around each one.  This means they will fray when washed but there is no way I would have attempted any other stitch around something with tiny curves.  My sewing isn't up to that standard yet!

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