Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleeping Bag

A new sleeping bag for miss E has been on my to do list for quite some time but without much action.  I had got as far as drawing up a pattern (decided I could do this one myself) and that's about it.  It wasn't until a visit to my parents (very cold) house was planned that I got inspired to actually get it all together.

I used some cotton quilting fabric for the outside, cotton batting for the middle and some vintage flannelette I was given by my mum some time back and hadn't really decided what to do with until now.  I'm pretty happy with how it came together and will make miss E a couple more of these as they should see her through next winter too.  I can't see her giving up her sleeping bag anytime soon (not like her brother who decided he no longer wanted to wear one to bed at about 4 months old).

Next time I will aim to match the print on the front at the zip opening.

I used binding around the neck and arm holes and put a flap that goes over the zip and runs all the way down the front opening to stop any scratches.

And here are a couple of photos of what happens when I nearly 3yr old plays with his toys in his baby sisters doll house!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Themed Sew Along.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I am involved in a monthly sew along with some other ladies in an online forum I am part of.  If you're a regular reader, you will know that I was very unhappy with last months product and hoped to redeem myself this month.  Although what I am posting here is only a practice version, so far so good.  I am happy with how it looks and so is hubby which is great as it's for him after all.

The theme for this months sew along is 'Family.'  We decided this could be taken in many ways, i.e. gifts for family, sewing for family, sewing about family etc.  I decided to whip up something I had seen in this handmade magazine I borrowed from the local library recently.  (It's issue 28 vol 11 for those playing at home.)  It fits with the sewing for family as the gift is for hubby, but I have also used my family in the sewing.

Using some black vinyl, clear plastic (the stuff you cover tables with to protect them), printed out images an eyelet and my sewing machine, I whipped up this keyring in less than 30min.  It was very fast and I will definitely be making more.  I think these will make a great gift, especially for the grandparents.

Side one, the images printed on my home printer don't really look all that flash.  I will be printing out small coloured photos for the real version of this.

Side two.  You can see how the two layers of vinyl are back to back and the plastic on either side.  I stitched around the photos on each side separately to hold them in place before the stitching around the whole thing to hold it together.

Just the right size for hubby's keys.

Handmade Gifts.

I've been busy with handmade gifts for the past little while and I have been quite productive.  I haven't been able to take photos of everything I have made but here are two of them.

Firstly, some more baby sets.  This time for baby boys.
Matching bib, softie and elephant in each set.
Naw, these tiny shoes just make me clucky again!

An appliqued girls t-shirt.  For this, I bought the plain t-shirt from a chain store and added the elephants which are from Melly and Me's Little Menagerie range.

I ironed the elephants on and then did a plain straight stitch around each one.  This means they will fray when washed but there is no way I would have attempted any other stitch around something with tiny curves.  My sewing isn't up to that standard yet!