Sunday, June 26, 2011

Themed Sew Along.

I'm almost embarrassed to put up these photos as I'm so disappointed with how these turned out but I've been involved in a sew along and everyone has to reveal their creations.  The theme for this months sew along was under the sea and for me this was an easy one to complete as I already had something on my to do list that suited perfectly.

A couple of months ago I told my nephew I would make him a hat, he just had to choose the fabric.  He was allowed to choose two fabrics as the pattern is reversible so of course he chose two that couldn't have clashed more.  Once I got the fabric home, I decided that they would become two hats with plain colour on the inside rather than the two prints together.

I used a different iron on interfacing to what I have used in the past and I'm so disappointed with how they turned out.  The interfacing puckered and changed the shape of the pieces and as a result, I was left with two hats that I'm not at all happy with.  I'm now thinking of re-making them before his birthday in late July.  The bands and brim obviously changed shape somewhere along the line and I've ended up with quite a few pleats on the the blue whale one.  I must add that it's not the pattern that's the problem here, it's the sewer!  I have made up this pattern before here and they worked so well.  I'm definitely going to stay away from the iron on interfacing for these in the future.

OK, I guess I can't put it off anymore.  Here they are:

Obviously the blue hat fits in with the theme and you can clearly see why I didn't put the two fabrics together in the one hat!

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