Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Things I Haven't Blogged Yet.

Firstly a car roll I made for my nephews birthday a couple of weeks ago (find my tutorial here).  He is mad about the movie cars and goes silly over anything to do with it.  He told his mum that all he wanted for his 3rd birhtday was 'cars stuff.'  I decided to stick with that idea and made his car roll out of cars fabric.

Next is some knitting.  Some time ago I decided that I wanted to get into knitting so I had something crafty to do away from my machine.  I'm still just learning the skills and haven't made anything exciting yet but I recently saw a scarf my mum had made and decided miss E could do with one.

I got the wool from the reject shop for $2 and the needles were some mum gave me.  I started to knit on the 9mm but decided it wasn't sitting right so went for a 4mm instead.

Here are some modelled shots, unfortunately the only ones I could get as she rips it off whenever I put it on her.  She's just the same with her hats too.  Perhaps I need to invest in some duct tape;-)

Big brother had to get in the photo by giving her a kiss.
Evil grin just before she ripped it off.  The toggle on the front didn't stop her!

It looks so soft and cuddly on, I just wish she's leave it there.

 The next couple of photos are of a few things that have been added to my stash over the past few weeks.  Firstly a bag of things from my mum.  I love visiting my mum as I always end up bringing something home with me to add to my stash.  In this lot were 5 different fabrics, 3 knitting books (I told her I wanted to get into knitting) and a very retro knitting bag with lots of different size needles (apparently she has more needles somewhere to give me).  Thanks mum.

This next picture is of a couple of books I now have in my possesion and have already picked things out of them to make.  The 'Sew' book I bought from a lady in one of the forums I'm in and the 'handmade beginnings' book was a birthday present from one of my big sisters.  I have only had a look through it so far but there are sooo many gorgeous things I want to make.  I'm thinking I might start with either the nappy bag or the baby jacket.  I can't decide.

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