Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Not Too Cold For This Ice Cream

I have finally got around to making the Oliver + S ice cream top for Miss E.  I will definitely be making this top again and once she starts walking (which won't be too far away) I will make the dress for her too.  It's a very easy pattern to make and finishes off beautifully.  I love the Oliver + S patterns for their instructions and how easy they are to follow.  This is my second pattern of theirs but I can see quite a few more making it into my stash before too long.

The matching shoes are my own pattern (tutorial for these to come one day), they have a vinyl bottom to prevent slips when she's up on her feet which seems to be quite a lot lately.  The vinyl for these I picked up at spotlight recently on the clearance table.  I got 2 meters of it which should make enough shoes to get her through the early walking stage.

Front view.  I love the little 'V' in the neckline.
The button closure at the back is so easy to do and finishes off very neatly.
It's also a good outfit for dancing apparently!
The matching shoes, excuse the food spread across her pants.  I should have taken the photos before lunch.  
You can just see the vinyl on the bottom on the shoes in this one.  Excuse the pink socks, I know they don't really match.

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  1. I love this top, and the matching shoes. Obviously your DD loves it too, what a great feeling. Well done.