Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finally Something For Me.

I have been wanting a dress/long top for a while now that I can just throw on over some leggings or jeans to duck out to the shops if I need to.  I really wanted something in a knit fabric to cover any lumps and bumps I still have from Miss E and believe me there are quite a few.  With two young children, I don't get to the shops much to buy anything for myself so I decided to make a simple dress with some knit fabric I had in my stash (well actually it came from mums stash but is part of mine now).

I found a Burda pattern book at my local library which had the style I was looking for and set about tracing the pattern off, cutting it out and piecing it together.  It was a very easy dress to make but I can't put the details on here as I don't remember which issue it was and I have returned the mag already.  I'm pretty happy with the result but next time I'll be making it in a stronger knit so I don't have to use interfacing in the yoke.  It's a bit stiff and doesn't have much room to move.  I'll also be cutting the yoke out a size or two smaller than the dress as I ended up having to take it up a little on the shoulders to make it fit well.  It could actually come up a little more but I'd have to unpick everything and recut the underarms etc and I won't be doing that in a hurry.

Excuse the picture.  I'm no photographer and my camera is nothing special.
The best thing about this dress was the price:

Pattern  =  $0.00  (borrowed from the local library)
Fabric   =  $0.00  (some from my mums stash)
Interfacing  =  $0.50  (I had this in my stash left over from something else)
Thread  =  $0.00  (some mum gave me from her stash)

TOTAL COST  =  $0.50  (you can't get a dress that cheap in an op shop!)


  1. Damn you for returning the pattern already. I want one of those looks so comfy for even weekends around the house.

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Saw this link for your blog so thought I'd check it out. How creative you are! The outfits, toys, gifts etc that you've made are just gorgeous! :)

    I have a class blog with my grade two kids and absolutely love it. Blogging is a big part of our classroom and it's great to see what other people do with blogging. I get very caught up with educational blogging, so it's nice to see what else is out there!

    Looks like motherhood suits you very well! :)


  3. Ditto to what Susan said, Love this dress and want one (or maybe three hehe) for myself!

  4. The tunic looks great! Do you remember which Burda issue it is?