Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Present

There seems to be so many kids birthdays at the moment so this is just the start of my handmade gifts.  This present is for my beautiful god daughter who turned 2 today.  She's a very beautiful, happy, easy going little girl and because I couldn't make it to her first birthday party, I wanted to make her something extra special this year.  Insert pants, pencil roll and matching carry bag.

All ready to be wrapped.
The pants.  These look like they're going to be too big but I have made them so I can take them up easy enough.  I used a vintage pattern from my stash for these.  Nothing fancy but great for wearing everyday.
My hubby is always complaining he can't work out the back of trackies I make so I thought a tag would help on these pants.  The way the tag's made means it's upside down, but it's on the inside so it doesn't matter.
Bag and matching pencil roll.  I love this fabric and it's canvas, so perfect for this project. 
I've made pencil rolls before but added extra height to create a flap this time.  I found in the past that if it's not rolled tight enough, the pencils fall out.  This will hopefully stop that happening.
Matching set.  Plenty of room for a note pad and a few other toys to keep little miss amused.
 I know this present will get lots of use and I will be making another in about 18 months time for her little sister.  That should stop any fights in the future.

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  1. What a great present. I bet she was a very happy birthday girl.