Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy Day Tracksuit.

Who doesn't love a comfy tracksuit to lounge around the house in?  I love my trackies and decided Miss E was in need of some more now that she is on the move.  Using Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby book, I whipped up this tracksuit for her that is both practical and quite warm.

I had this fleecy in my stash and wasn't going to use it for anything else, so a tracksuit for around the house it became.  It's not really my colour but it's definitely going to keep her warm and be practical for crawling.  Obviously I didn't finish it off with twin needles etc as I decided that it wasn't going to be seen anywhere so it didn't need to be fancy.  I do like this pattern and it's easy to sew.  I think she'll end up with a few more tracksuits before this winter is over.

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