Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clay Play Gives Mum's a Break.

Firstly let me just say that I LOVE my mums group.  Where would a new mum be without the support of others who are also experiencing those amazing, and at times utterly frustrating moments a first child brings to your life?

I am one of the lucky ones with my mums group.  We started as 12 women from various walks of life, thrown together at a time in our lives that was quite obviously the biggest change any of us could have expected.  (There really is no way to prepare yourself for your first baby!)  Over the course of our babies first year, girls started returning to work or found they had other commitments and unfortunately could no longer join us each week.  (Perhaps they just couldn't stand me talking so much ;-)  By the time our babies turned 2, we were left with 6 of us and we still meet on a weekly basis.  This weekly catch up is my saviour.  It's time when I can talk, listen and generally vent my frustrations to others whom I know understand and don't judge me when my nearly 3 yr old throw a tantrum in the middle of our conversation. 

I am so lucky to have had my first baby when I did as it meant I was able to meet people whom I would otherwise had no contact with and I'm happy to say these women have become very close friends over the past couple of years.  I honestly don't know where I would be without them.  Mr. J would be sick of coffee by now I'm sure!

Anyway, this post is about our catch up this week and how much fun the kids had.  The mums enjoyed it too as there were no interruptions, no fights over toys and generally a quiet atmosphere.  (This never happens when you have nearly 3 yr olds in the one place.)

This week we took our little ones off to the Bendgio Pottery for some Fun With Clay.  For only $3.00, each of the kids got a small thing of clay and then were provided with aprons, tools etc to make whatever they desired.  Whilst all this was going on, the mums (minus a couple who couldn't make it) enjoyed a relaxing coffee watching the kids thorougly enjoy themselves.  This one's definately on our list of places to go again, although we did have to be careful of wandering hands on the way in and out

Mr. J working on his flag.

It's a flag.



Mr. A's sculpture.
Miss C's sculpture.
Mr. J's sculpture.
I can't wait until Miss E's big enough to enjoy this one too.

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