Monday, May 9, 2011

30th Birthday Outfit.

It's my 30th birthday party on the weekend and I decided to make an outfit for it.  Unfortunately, this one's not for me, it's for Mr. J.  The shirt I made a little while ago and blogged about here but Mr. J didn't have any pants to match.  I didn't have the exact pattern I wanted to use either so went with Burda 9793 and just adjusted the bottom so there was no join in the leg.

I have used this pattern previously for these shorts but as you can see, even the smallest size I had (size 2) was still far too big around.  Obvioulsy I wanted to keep the pockets so to take them in a little, I couldn't just run the sides in.  I decided to take them in, down the front and back.

I cut these out in navy cord and put them together.  They fitted perfectly around Mr. J but the crotch was too long so I went back to my pattern and took them up a bit in the crotch area.  (I hope you can see my pinning.)

I didn't try this pattern on scrap fabric first, I just held my breath and hoped.  Luckily when I made them up and tried them on Mr. J, they were perfect.  I now have a pattern drafted off that will definately be used again for this winter.  They are a great relaxed pair of pants and have pockets at the back aswell.

When I shortened the crotch, I was worried the fake fly would look silly but as you can see in these pictures, it's fine and definately long enough.

I used a little of the shirt fabric to line the pockets as I wanted to make a matching set but didn't want the pants to clash with other things in his wardrobe.  Putting the green in the pockets was the best way to go.  You can't see it from the outside, but if he sits down and the pockets pop open, it can be seen.

Who knows what I am going to wear on Saturday night.  I'll probably scrounge something up from my cupboard.  It's funny that I haven't even thought about my outfit but have had Mr. J's planned for a couple of months:-)

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  1. So what is Miss E wearing ??????? oh and DH you don't have much time left LOL
    See ya Friday