Friday, April 22, 2011

Purple Paisley

Well, what to do with lots of purple paisley flannelette?  Make a matching set for Miss E.  This is another of the fabrics I got from my mum's stash cleanout and have been meaning to make some PJ's for Miss E for ages.  I started with the pants and decided it was far too cute for bedtime.  I think the whole world should have a little purple paisley in their life.  Thus began the 3 piece set. 

Glad I stopped at 3 things.  A top aswell would definately have been overkill!
Pants made from Kwik Sew 'Sewing for Baby' book.  I sewed the elastic in as I hate it when it gets twisted!

My bib pattern.  Backed with terry towelling for added protection.

Shoes from my own pattern.  The pattern I have used in previous posts is now too small for Miss E so I simple traced around her foot, adjusted a few measurements and voila!  They are the perfect fit as she has quite a long slender foot.

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  1. Geez she had some gems hidden in that stash didn't she!