Monday, April 25, 2011

Decking Goes Down

Over the long weekend here, my husband, Mr. D started to get the decking down outside.  He's now got all the merbu down (pictures of that to come in anothe post) and will be working on the finishing touches over the next few days.  Although I did give him the day off to go fishing tomorrow ;-)
The start of the decking.  This wasn't even a quarter of it all.

Daddy's appretice.  He didn't like the sound of the saw or nail gun!

Just fixing daddy's mistakes.

Taking a break to have a man to man chat.

A 2 1/2yr olds contribution to laying the decking!

Halfway there.  This was a perfect place for the Easter Bunny to leave a trail of eggs.
I'm pretty impressed that Mr. D was able to do all this himself.  He's done a pretty good job and can now stand back and look at it all, knowing he did it himself.  I'm very proud of him actually and I'm loving my new area outside.  It's almost like another room on the house.  Mr. J and Miss E love it too!

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  1. So now that he is an expert there will be no excuse not to when we beg borrow and steal from the family to try and get our house done :P