Friday, March 18, 2011

A Pinny & A Wrap.

Presents have been on my sewing list the past few weeks and I have finally finished my nieces 1st birthday present and her mummy's 30th present.  The party is tomorrow so I got myself into gear last night and finished them both.  Just need to stitch the buttons on the dress tomorrow.
One side of Pinny.  I think this is the way I would have it most of the time.

I was going to leave the red side plain but it just didn't look right.  The mushrooms are designed to fray a little bit in the wash as I like that look and it's easier too.

Thanks mum for the idea of turning one hem over the other.  Happy with this stitching as I had to do two rows next to each other.  They are pretty even right the way around.

Would like this stitching to have been a little neater.

Reverse side of Pinny.

Make It Perfect Wrap Dress.  Love this pattern.

Close up of fabric.  I think I might need to get some of this fabric for myself.  It would make a great dress.


  1. Love that dress you did a great job. I saw that fabric at Spotlight today but I don't think Jack would appreciate me making him some pants out of it.

  2. Oh those little toadstools are super cute!

  3. Oh that dress is lovely! I love a cord pinny on a girl :) Great job with the skirt too. I've made a skirt from that pattern too!