Monday, March 28, 2011

More Parcels!

More parcels arrived for me in the mail.  I love when I get this kind of mail, much nicer than the letters with windows.  Here are some pictures of my loot.

Fabric bought on sale from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Some of this was down to $4.95 per yard.

My woven labels purchased from a seller on etsy.  I'm really happy with how they came up and I got 600 for a great price too.  Now to start adding them to my sewing.

The tag looks like it has quite a few lines here but this photo was taken in macro mode so enhances everything.

What the tag would look like in the seam.

Playing with the macro mode on my camera.
My first Oliver + S pattern bought from Earth Girl Fabrics.  Can't wait to make this one for Mr. J.
 Only one more parcel I'm waiting on now, another Oliver + S pattern from Crafty Mamas.

I'm hoping the kids go to sleep well for me tonight as my hubby is away and it's a good chance to get some sewing done.  Hoping to be back in the next couple of days with my first ever tutorial. 

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  1. great sewing can you email me the etsy seller for the labels cheers Cecily