Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been busy making a hat for both Mr. J and Miss E this past week.  I used the Make It Perfect Lazy Day Hat pattern and it is soooooo easy.  I think I have fallen in LOVE with the pattern actually.  Both hats are a little bit big at this stage but they will grow into them.

The bike was the only thing I could find to hang them on.
Reverse side of Mr. J's.

Reverse side of Miss E's.
Mr. J's hat being put to good use.
Miss E did try to take hers off quite a few times!
I think I might have to make one of these hats for myself soon but I'm onto My Niece's 1st birthday present next.  Perhaps a Lazy Day Hat might make up part of it :-)


  1. You've done a great job with the hats! What did you use as the stiffener? I've tried a range of things but haven't found anything I'm *really* happy with yet.

  2. After your question on EB I went with a sew in interfacing from spotlight but washed and ironed it first. I'm hoping it holds its shape OK with wear. My daughters hat I actually didn't use a stiffener as the cotton is quite thick, almost like canvas and with the denim it seemed to hold the shape well enough.