Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harem Pants

Last night I whipped up the harem pants for Miss E from the latest Ottobre magazine, in the mag, they are called 'Acrobat'.  These were super easy to make and very quick.  Only 3 pieces to them, the pants panel, leg cuffs and waistband.  I was initially worried they might not stay up as the ribbing I used for the waistband is quite loose but they seemed to be OK this morning. 

This patterns uses clear elastic to gather the bottom of the legs prior to stitching on the cuff.  This was perfect for the pattern and very easy too.  I found the waistband a little trickier to put on but that's because I had to cut it down quite a bit as Miss E is rather tiny around her middle compared to her height.  I really had to stretch the ribbing to its full extent to get it on and I did need to add a little gathering in a couple of places.

Overall, I'm happy with these and I will be making a few more as they look super comfy and easy to get on and off.  If I could get away with them, I would even make myself a pair :-)

I made these up in some interlock I had in my stash to see how they came up.  Now I need to decided on some other colours and patterns for a couple more pairs.
Leg cuffs folded up as they are a tad long still.  Plenty of growing room.

Lots of room in the pants for rolling, sitting, crawling and generally getting into everything I don't want her to.

I rushed the waistband a little and didn't get the seams perfectly matched.  Oh well, I'll sort that out next time.

These are going to be perfect for crawling.


  1. These are super cute and they do look really comfy!

  2. wow, they are gorgeous. I may have to buy the pattern and give these a go.

  3. these are great! added them to my to do list. they look so comfy :)