Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Gift Set.

I started this little gift set for a friend who has recently had a baby girl.  However, once I got going on it, I decided it was more masculine than I wanted so it's going away for another baby.  I think it could really be a unisex set but it's not what a wanted for this baby.  The set was originally going to have the bib and shoes but I decided once I had done the applique on the bib I would add a little softie aswell.
I didn't use a bib pattern here, just laid one of the best fitting bibs of Miss E's down and traced around it.  I then added 1cm seam allowance and stitched together.  Really easy!

Reverse side of bib.  This was actually going to be the main side but when I see them together, I like the bib the other way.  The elephant applique I got from Kwik Sew's 'Sewing for Baby' book and then enlarged the pattern for the softie.

Elephant softie.  The ears are appliqued on but next time I make this, I might make them so they can flap around and the baby can grab hold of them.

Cutest little baby shoes.  I used this tutorial for these and they are so easy to make.  If I didn't rush the cutting out of the front section, I would have got them looking the same.  I didn't think of this late last night.

The elephant applique design I got from Kwik Sew's 'Sewing for Baby' book.  I really should have used a beige thread for the zig zag but once again my patience got the better of me and I wanted to get it finished.  It's not as neat as I would have liked but I did the zig zag this way on purpose as I want it to fray a little after it's washed.
I think this has turned out to be a cute little set and can't wait to have another little baby to give it to.  Now to work on another set for a sweet little girl.  I think this might mean a trip to buy some fabric to match what I have decided to use.  Better go tomorrow as I am making April a no fabric buying month after my recent purchases.  Hopefully the support from the girls on EB will get me through ;-)


  1. These are so adorable, I like how your tags are looking.

  2. This is lovely, I especially like the little elephant on the reverse of the bib. Perfect baby gift!