Monday, February 28, 2011

They're Finally Finished!

Well miss E's overalls are finally finished and I'm really pleased with how they came out.  With the top to match they make quite a cute outfit and I'm keen for some slightly cooler weather so I can get her out and about in them. 

I learnt quite a bit making these overalls as I have never used the Ottobre patterns before but I did find it relatively easy to follow and I will be making more things from this magazine in the near future.  My overlocker didn't like the fabric very much and I had trouble working out the correct tension but I got there  in the end.

Miss E is 69cm long and quite a skinny little thing so I went with the 74cm length size and thought she could grow into them.  However, as you can see they fit perfectly now but there is room for her to get taller if I change the button position and unfold the cuffs.

I nearly had a fit when I did the right button hole.  I wasn't concentrating and made it too long.  I unpicked it but you can still see a little bit of the stitching mark in the front.  I'm hoping this comes out when I wash it.

Back view.  Watching her brother play his guitar.

 Perfect that she decided she could sit up by herself today.  Made taking photos very easy.

The finished top will fit her for longer than the overalls I think.  It's got a bit more growing room.

Topstitching around the collar and cuffs.  First time I've used two different coloured threads and it worked really well.  I will remember this.

Cuffs on the legs can fold down to allow for growth.

This one's just because I can.  Who could resist those dimples?  (Just excuse the background.)

Well, now they're finished, I'm off to make a pair of shorts for Mr. J and applique a white t-shirt to match.  Hopefully I'm just as happy with those.

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  1. oh you just gotta love those dimples, the overalls look cute as well.