Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teaching Mr. J to Pack Up

After the kids go to bed of an evening, I often spend 15 picking up toys and things off the floor Mr. J has left out.  I have been trying to think of a way I can get him to pack his things away and as yet, nothing has worked overly well.  He responds to stickers some times but then gets distracted and starts playing with other things as any 2 and 1/2 yr old would do.

Last night the teacher in me came out and I decided that all his toy tubs needed a label so he at least knew where to put things away.  This will hopefully help when mums group is here too as I can quickly pick up everything afterward and get it away in the right places.  I spent an hour or so last night making labels for his tubs and today we both put them on the tubs and packed his toys away together.  So far so good.  All I need to do now is make a chart of jobs for him to do each night (i.e. clean teeth, pj's on, pack up toys etc) and hopefully he'll start getting the hang of packing up after himself, with help obviously.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tubs before and after we got the labels on.

 And two after shots, I actually sewed the labels on as the front of the tub is a fine mesh.

Bedroom before (looks even worse in the photo!)

Bedroom after

Goodness knows how long it will stay like this but it's worth a try.  Now to organise my sewing space so it's just as neat.  I think I need a trip to IKEA!

Loungeroom tubs before (I love IKEA).

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