Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just a couple of pics to show a small sample of what I got from mums place last week.  This is the pile of ribbing I got.  Yes she does still have some for herself, just shows how much she actually had really.  I did end up with more than her though as she doesn't need it as much now all the kids have moved away.

This lot will come in very handy (if my sisters want any, you know where to find me).

This is also another of the many fabrics I got from mum as well as one of the vintage patterns.  I'm planning on making the short sleeved jacket as a little light weight cotton shirt for my son.  I actually wanted a shirt pattern with a yoke but didn't have one so cut this out instead.  I'll post pics when it's all finished and you can see how it comes together.

Time to stop procrastinating now and organise a few more things in my sewing area.  Then I can get into it.  I've got a great overlocker to use now so I'm all inspired.


  1. I have more ribbing than you do LOL Fiona Uses ribbing from my place as well.
    I think I have that vintage pattern as well. Mr J will look cute.

  2. Hey Kathryn I have a couple of boy shirt patterns, well they are Matching daddy and son ones if you want to trace any off. Must finish that one I was going to make for Mr B