Monday, February 14, 2011

Organised Sewing Space

For quite some time, my sewing space was set up on the kitchen table.  This wasn't great as I got sick of packing up my machine at night and then having to get it out again.  A couple of months ago, I happened to pick up a horn sewing cabinet for the bargain price of $100 at a garage sale.  Not long after this, my lovely mother cleaned out her sewing room and shared some of the love with me (well more than some really, I got a huge stash from her).  Thus began my search for some appropriate storage solution for my growing supply of fabric and craft bits and pieces.

Firstly let me share my sewing space before with you all.

Tiny space to fit the ironing board.

Trusty old Elna machine on the table, I hope this never dies.  Needle position is stuck at the moment though :-(  The brother is there in case I need to do buttonholes but would much prefer my Elna.  I really must get it in for a service.

All my fabric stored in boxes along the window.  I hate my windows covered up.

It was rather difficult to get in and out of bed, especially in the middle of the night if one of the kids woke up.
After battling with the space for a month or so, I was lucky enough to come across the perfect buffet and hutch on ebay.  The girl who sold it was lovely and due to have a baby in a couple of weeks so was happy to see it gone.  (If you are reading this, thankyou so much.  It's just perfect.)  The hutch belonged to her grandparents so I intend on taking good care of it and if at some stage I get a beautiful sewing space with built in cupboards (maybe in 30yrs time), I will be able to use it somewhere else I'm sure.

Now some after pics.

Looks rather empty really, perhaps I need to go and buy more fabric :-)

My little sewing corner.  Actually looks much bigger when I have the machine and overlocker out.

Interlock, fleecy, flannelette and polar fleece all from my mum.  Thanks mum.

Space left for some woolen fabric that I still have to hand wash.

Draws with un finished objects and other bits and pieces.

The only thing in front of my window now.  Tub of paper patterns and a bucket rubbish bin.  The cord's for setting up the ironing board in front of the window when I'm on a sewing bender!
Now I have no excuses.  Goodnight all, I'm off to sew:-)

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  1. Oh dear now where is DH going to watch the tv when he is in bed?? Love this space though, think I saw that hutch on ebay, I need one for my office (when we get an office) but probably without the doors on top. I think I will just come to your house when I need to sew.