Monday, February 28, 2011

They're Finally Finished!

Well miss E's overalls are finally finished and I'm really pleased with how they came out.  With the top to match they make quite a cute outfit and I'm keen for some slightly cooler weather so I can get her out and about in them. 

I learnt quite a bit making these overalls as I have never used the Ottobre patterns before but I did find it relatively easy to follow and I will be making more things from this magazine in the near future.  My overlocker didn't like the fabric very much and I had trouble working out the correct tension but I got there  in the end.

Miss E is 69cm long and quite a skinny little thing so I went with the 74cm length size and thought she could grow into them.  However, as you can see they fit perfectly now but there is room for her to get taller if I change the button position and unfold the cuffs.

I nearly had a fit when I did the right button hole.  I wasn't concentrating and made it too long.  I unpicked it but you can still see a little bit of the stitching mark in the front.  I'm hoping this comes out when I wash it.

Back view.  Watching her brother play his guitar.

 Perfect that she decided she could sit up by herself today.  Made taking photos very easy.

The finished top will fit her for longer than the overalls I think.  It's got a bit more growing room.

Topstitching around the collar and cuffs.  First time I've used two different coloured threads and it worked really well.  I will remember this.

Cuffs on the legs can fold down to allow for growth.

This one's just because I can.  Who could resist those dimples?  (Just excuse the background.)

Well, now they're finished, I'm off to make a pair of shorts for Mr. J and applique a white t-shirt to match.  Hopefully I'm just as happy with those.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sew Frustrated!

Well, I'm trying to get these overalls finished for Miss E but my overlocker just doesn't want to co-operate at the moment.  I have a feeling it might have more to do with the user than the machine but it's frustrating when I want to complete something yesterday!  I really don't have much patience.

On a brighter note, my sewing machine service man said if I take both my overlocker and machine in he will have them ready for me tomorrow or the next day.  Perhaps I need to get my lovely husband into a new career.  A sewing machine repair man would come in very handy in my family, although it would probably end up like the plumbing around our house and mine machines would be the last to get done.  Hmmm, not such a good idea after all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Been Shopping!

My lovely husband came home early from work yesterday just so I could get to Spotlight and use my spend $100 get $40 off voucher.  This is what I came home with:

Interlock that was on sale for $4.20/mt, plus I got to use the voucher. 

Close up of my favourite girly interlock.

More interlock, not much boys stuff unfortunatley.  I think a trip to Melbourne might be on the cards for boys fabric.

The vehicle material is one I picked up from my local quilt shop, I wanted some brown to go with it but they didn't have any.  This cord is beautiful to so I decided on that for pants with the vehicles for highlights in the pockets.

Cotton for my stash.

More boys cotton for my stash.

Some girly cotton for my stash.
Looks like I've got a bit of washing to do now!  And some overalls to finish for my beautiful daughter whom I think might start crawling earlier than I would like.  Perhaps it's time to re-baby proof my house!

Some Sewing Underway.

I have begun some sewing for my beautiful daughter tonight.  No pictures as yet but I have finished a long sleeve top from the latest Ottobre mag and intend on putting together the overalls tomorrow night.  I am so pleased with how the top came together, I actually think it's one of the best things I have made.  I've been able to use some of the interlock from mum, it's white with little red hearts and just perfect.  I'm so glad I bought an overlocker now, makes life sooooooo easy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Organised Sewing Space

For quite some time, my sewing space was set up on the kitchen table.  This wasn't great as I got sick of packing up my machine at night and then having to get it out again.  A couple of months ago, I happened to pick up a horn sewing cabinet for the bargain price of $100 at a garage sale.  Not long after this, my lovely mother cleaned out her sewing room and shared some of the love with me (well more than some really, I got a huge stash from her).  Thus began my search for some appropriate storage solution for my growing supply of fabric and craft bits and pieces.

Firstly let me share my sewing space before with you all.

Tiny space to fit the ironing board.

Trusty old Elna machine on the table, I hope this never dies.  Needle position is stuck at the moment though :-(  The brother is there in case I need to do buttonholes but would much prefer my Elna.  I really must get it in for a service.

All my fabric stored in boxes along the window.  I hate my windows covered up.

It was rather difficult to get in and out of bed, especially in the middle of the night if one of the kids woke up.
After battling with the space for a month or so, I was lucky enough to come across the perfect buffet and hutch on ebay.  The girl who sold it was lovely and due to have a baby in a couple of weeks so was happy to see it gone.  (If you are reading this, thankyou so much.  It's just perfect.)  The hutch belonged to her grandparents so I intend on taking good care of it and if at some stage I get a beautiful sewing space with built in cupboards (maybe in 30yrs time), I will be able to use it somewhere else I'm sure.

Now some after pics.

Looks rather empty really, perhaps I need to go and buy more fabric :-)

My little sewing corner.  Actually looks much bigger when I have the machine and overlocker out.

Interlock, fleecy, flannelette and polar fleece all from my mum.  Thanks mum.

Space left for some woolen fabric that I still have to hand wash.

Draws with un finished objects and other bits and pieces.

The only thing in front of my window now.  Tub of paper patterns and a bucket rubbish bin.  The cord's for setting up the ironing board in front of the window when I'm on a sewing bender!
Now I have no excuses.  Goodnight all, I'm off to sew:-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally Some Sewing Done

OK, so I'm not really happy with the final product but it's something finished at least.  This was my first attempt at making a collared shirt for Mr. J but silly me used a vintage jacket pattern instead of a shirt pattern.  I didn’t have a shirt pattern on hand when I decided I wanted to sew and so I thought the jacket would work just as well.  Unfortunately it didn’t.  That’s me being impatient for you, once I get an idea into my head, it has to be finished yesterday!

I did learn quite a few things from making the shirt though, one of which is that I need a lot more practice at the fiddly sewing bits like easing seams in by pulling up the stay stitching etc. 

I’m glad I’ve finally got some sewing on here and Mr. J has something he can wear that will be nice and cool for the warmer weather and I don’t mind if it gets a little grubby.

The sleeves look horribly uneven in this first pic.  I don't know how that happened as they looked fine everytime I tried it on him.  Perhaps he had it tucked up funny or his arms at a strange angle.  You can see that it's just not right though.  Sleeves are too big and doesn't sit well at the shoulders.

Nothing like a toddlers full tummy:-)  Definately not a comfortable looking shirt but Mr. J was happy.

Well, this one's a learn from that mistake shirt.  In the future, when I want to make a shirt, I'll use a shirt pattern (at least until I get as good at sewing as my mum anyway).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teaching Mr. J to Pack Up

After the kids go to bed of an evening, I often spend 15 picking up toys and things off the floor Mr. J has left out.  I have been trying to think of a way I can get him to pack his things away and as yet, nothing has worked overly well.  He responds to stickers some times but then gets distracted and starts playing with other things as any 2 and 1/2 yr old would do.

Last night the teacher in me came out and I decided that all his toy tubs needed a label so he at least knew where to put things away.  This will hopefully help when mums group is here too as I can quickly pick up everything afterward and get it away in the right places.  I spent an hour or so last night making labels for his tubs and today we both put them on the tubs and packed his toys away together.  So far so good.  All I need to do now is make a chart of jobs for him to do each night (i.e. clean teeth, pj's on, pack up toys etc) and hopefully he'll start getting the hang of packing up after himself, with help obviously.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tubs before and after we got the labels on.

 And two after shots, I actually sewed the labels on as the front of the tub is a fine mesh.

Bedroom before (looks even worse in the photo!)

Bedroom after

Goodness knows how long it will stay like this but it's worth a try.  Now to organise my sewing space so it's just as neat.  I think I need a trip to IKEA!

Loungeroom tubs before (I love IKEA).


Just a couple of pics to show a small sample of what I got from mums place last week.  This is the pile of ribbing I got.  Yes she does still have some for herself, just shows how much she actually had really.  I did end up with more than her though as she doesn't need it as much now all the kids have moved away.

This lot will come in very handy (if my sisters want any, you know where to find me).

This is also another of the many fabrics I got from mum as well as one of the vintage patterns.  I'm planning on making the short sleeved jacket as a little light weight cotton shirt for my son.  I actually wanted a shirt pattern with a yoke but didn't have one so cut this out instead.  I'll post pics when it's all finished and you can see how it comes together.

Time to stop procrastinating now and organise a few more things in my sewing area.  Then I can get into it.  I've got a great overlocker to use now so I'm all inspired.

My New Toy

I haven't been on here much lately as I've been away at mums place and then trying to get the mountain of fabric washed that I have taken from her.  I'm slowly getting through the pile but didn't do any today as I figured we needed some clean clothes at some stage!

Still nothing made to blog since I started this thing but I have tonight been playing with my new buy from ebay.  A huskylock 550D overlocker.  It is brilliant.  I have never used an overlocker before (apart from one I borrowed to try out) and I was worried I would have no idea what to do.  However, this machine seems so simple to use.  The stitches seem pretty good too and I haven't had to adjust the tension at all so far, that will come as I get better at the machine and learn more of what it can do.

Excuse the kitchen table and the mess, I was playing with lots of different fabric.

Here are a couple of samples of the stitches.  It's a bit hard to see but seems to have worked well.  I did have a go at finishing off the ends too (not in pics) and I'm pretty happy with how that worked.  I can see this machine is going to get lots of use.

Lightweight cotton fabric (to become a shirt for Mr. 2.5yr)

Lightweight knit fabric.

Polar fleece.

Now I just need to get my sewing space organised with the new horn cabinet I bought at a garage sale for the bargain price of $100.  Then I'll have no excuses.