Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sewing with a Toddler

I find it difficult to sew when my kids are awake and up and about.  Thank goodness they both sleep at the same time each day and are both in bed around 7pm.  This is when I like to sew, although lately I haven't done ANYTHING.  I'm just waiting to get my sewing cabinet set up and I will be off and running again.

My son is very interested in my sewing machine and constantly asks to use it.  He will get the chance one day, but in the meantime, I have been trying to think of something I could do with him that was along the lines of sewing and would keep him interested whilst stuck inside during this wet weather.  So out came the cotton reels and disks I found at an op shop not too long ago.

My son was very excited about doing some threading but that quickly turned to frustration when it proved more difficult than I first thought.  The string wasn't thick enough and kept folding over.  I tried putting some knots in the end to strengthen it, but no luck.  I thought about needles and for obvious reasons, decided against that.  I had a brainwave and thought of my jewellery making things.  I simply grabbed a small piece of wire, bent both ends over and attached it to the string.

Once we had this sorted, the threading began.  He had a ball and it kept him occupied for a good 20mins.

The final result (it did get taken apart and re-threaded several times).

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