Monday, January 24, 2011

My Mum the Hoarder :-)

Well the past week and a bit I have been staying with my parents helping my mum get her house into a little more order than what it normally is.  

To be polite to my wonderful mum, she is by definition a hoarder!  She is the most wonderful mother myself and my sibling could have asked for and is the kindest and gentlest grandmother I know.  She has just developed a problem with getting rid of things over the years since all the kids left home.  Don't get me wrong, she's not one of these people who keeps things to the point you can't get into the house but she has a particular liking for things in the sewing or craft area that she "might be able to use again."  Anyway, this past week and a bit I have been helping her clean out her laundry/sewing room and she has done an amazing job.  (I would post photos on here but it's not my home to share.)  Although not yet finished, the room has gone from something that didn't get used to a well functioning and hopefully, organised space she can use to create some of the wonderful things she makes (she is a brilliant sewer among other things).

I have also scored a bonus being here as I am able to go through the fabric she has collected over the years and take what I want, 2 big boxes full so far.  (If my sisters are reading this, I will take pics when I get home and I'm happy to share the love if there is anything you need.) 

I'm pretty proud of what mum has achieved as it's a huge task for her parting with some much loved things.  Dad has been pretty good too, staying out of the way building a stand for the front loading washing machine to sit on when it goes into the laundry.  I'm one lucky lady to have 2 wonderful parents who are also fantastic grandparents. 

I'm having a good time here helping mum get organised but nearly ready to head home.  The kids I think need to get home to their own beds and our own routine and we all need to see their daddy.  I also want to get home so I can get into sewing (now I have all this fabric to play with:-)

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